After meeting in 2017 whilst studying music in southern Germany, Maxl, Ben and Markus are slowly redefining what live electronic music sounds and looks like. Initially a live band, Klangphonics are now becoming an act where the traditional boundaries of band, DJ and producer no longer apply. 

In 2021 they released their debut E.P. „Songs to Try“ which was superbly received and has since garnered millions of streams on Spotify, all through their own self promotion. Fiercely independent from the start, Klangphonics have had a very DIY approach to everything, including social media, where they have racked up millions of followers across all major platforms through creative viral marketing. „We didn’t just want to sit around waiting for things to happen or for that magic break“ says Markus. Sold out European tours in 2022 and 2023 were also largely organized independently by the group, without a promoter, booking agency or label involved.  

2024 is now set to be an exciting new chapter, with the release of their debut album „Perfect Opposure“ planned for the Autumn. The lead single „In Between (Memories and Dreams)“ gives a first impression of a sound, which with its unique blend of modern electronic elements marrying traditional songwriting sensibilities, simply refuses to be labeled and put in a box. It paves the way for new tonality in the music, combining a more delicate pop-inspired production whilst retaining the techno and house influences that make them such a captivating live act. 

With a major European and first North American headline tour planned for early 2025 and a new carefully curated AV show lined up, you can probably expect to hear (and see) a lot more from this group in the coming months.

Ben Kopfnagel (drums & fx)

Maxl Walmsley-Pledl (guitar & production)

Markus Zunic (synths & percussion)